This article is about the Fishing skill. For information on how to train Fishing, see Fishing Training.

With the Fishing skill you can catch fish, which you can use to cook, eat, or even feed to your pets. Fishing pairs with the Cooking skill. You can get the fish yourself and cook them for Cooking XP, training both skills in tandem.

Fishing Equipment

Equipment Name
Fly fishing rod
Fishing rod
Lobster pot
Small fishing net
Big fishing net

Fishing equipment can be purchased in Catherby from:

Net Fishing

Small Net Fishing

Small net fishing consists of catching smaller fish. Generally these fish are lower level, however an exception can be made for monkfish, which require a fairly high level fishing to catch, but still require a small net.

Fish that require a small net (in order by level):

Fish Name

Big Net Fishing

Only a few types of fish are caught with a big net. The fish that can be caught with a big net are somewhat higher level and give more experience than small net fishing (with the exception of fishing for monkfish).

Fish that require a big net (in order by level):

Fish Name

Bait Fishing

Bait fishing requires the use of bait and a fishing rod (both can be purchased from Claus the chef). Bait fishing is not limited to smaller, low level fish but most of the fish that can be caught do not offer a large amount of experience.

Fish that require a fishing rod and bait (in order by level):

Fish Name

Lure Fishing

Lure fishing using a fly fishing rod and feathers to catch fish. Very few types of fish can be caught this way, however the experience can be proven worth it.

Fish that require a fly fishing rod and feathers (in order by level):

Fish Name

Cage Fishing

There is only one type of cage available on Soulsplit. The lobster pot (cage) is the only equipment that can be used to catch lobsters. The cage cannot be used to catch any other type of fish and can only be used at a designated 'cage fishing spot'.

Fish Name

Harpoon Fishing

The harpoon can be used to catch a variety of different fish. Although the harpoon can be used to catch tuna and swordfish, it is most commonly sought after to catch sharks and rocktails. The harpoon can be considered a high level piece of equipment and can only be used at a few locations.

Fish that require a harpoon (in order by level):

Fish Name
Manta ray

Fishing Spots

There are six different kinds of fishing spots available on Soulsplit. Each spot determines which fish are available to catch and each give access to different levels of fish.


Net/Bait fishing spots mainly consist of lower level catches. These spots are accessible from level one on and are essential to begin fishing. The 'Net' option requires a small net to fish there and the 'Bait' option requires a fishing rod and fishing bait.


Lure/Bait spots consist of fly fishing and bait fishing. The catches available are somewhat medium level and are not commonly used on Soulsplit. They are quite elusive, so players often opt to fish for lower level catches until they can move on to more popular fishing spots. The bait (or feathers) required to use when fishing at these spots is not always easy to get which can greatly hinder players from fishing there. The 'Lure' option requires a fly fishing rod and feathers and the 'Bait' option requires a fishing rod and fishing bait.


Cage/Harpoon spots are commonly used because of the 'Cage' option. This is the only spot that fishing for lobsters is available and the only spot with caging as an option. Spots like these can be great for experience but their locations can be somewhat inconvenient to players wishing to bank quickly. The 'Cage' option requires a lobster pot (cage) and the 'Harpoon' option requires a harpoon.


Net/Harpoon spots are mostly used for the 'Harpoon' option. Although the 'Net' option is available and the fish there give quite good experience, players choose to fish elsewhere for less experience. All of the catches available at these types of spots give substantial experience, however. The 'Net' option requires a big fishing net and the 'Harpoon' option requires a harpoon to use.

Note: a single spot on Soulsplit (located in Relleka) requires only a small net to use.


There are few single net spots available on Soulsplit but they are well worth the experience granted when used. The single net spot requires only a small net to fish at.


Type Catch Location
  • Shrimp (net)
  • Anchovies (net)
  • Herring (bait)
  • Sardine (bait)
  • Trout (lure)
  • Salmon (lure)
  • Pike (bait)
  • Lobster (cage)
  • Tuna (harpoon)
  • Swordfish (harpoon)
  • Mackerel (net)
  • Cod (net)
  • Bass (net)
  • Shark (harpoon)
  • Manta ray (harpoon)
  • Rocktail (harpoon/small net)
  • Monkfish

Experience Table

Fish Level Sir Lord Legends Extreme Caught with
1 5,000 500 50 10 File:Small net.png
5 10,000 1,000 100 20 File:Fishing rod.pngFile:Fishing bait.png
10 15,000 1,500 150 30 File:Fishing rod.pngFile:Fishing bait.png
15 25,000 2,500 250 50 File:Small net.png
16 10,000 1,000 100 20 File:Big net.png
20 25,000 2,500 250 50 File:Fly fishing rod.pngFile:Feather.png
23 22,500 2,250 225 45 File:Big net.png
25 30,000 3,000 300 60 File:Fishing rod.pngFile:Fishing bait.png
30 35,000 3,500 350 70 File:Fly fishing rod.pngFile:Feather.png
35 40,000 4,000 400 80 File:Harpoon.gif
40 45,000 4,500 450 90 File:Lobster-pot.png
46 50,000 5,000 500 100 File:Big net.png
50 50,000 5,000 500 100 File:Harpoon.gif
62 60,000 6,000 600 120 File:Small net.png
76 55,000 5,500 550 110 File:Harpoon.gif
81 75,000 7,500 750 150 File:Harpoon.gif
91 110,000 11,000 1100 220 File:Harpoon.gif




If you reach a Fishing level of 99, you will be able to buy yourself the Fishing skill cape at the Wise Old Man, located near the Lumbridge yaks training area and in the Falador Party Room (::market).

 (All Skillcapes cost 99k)