The Farming store is the shop owned by the NPC Olivia in Catherby by the farming patch. It consists of the beginner level seeds for the Farming skill, as well as the tools required to farm. Seeds and equipment sold at the store can be bought for the prices listed below.

Farming Shop prices
Item Price in shop Item Price in shop
Seed Dibber 
File:Seed dibber.png
6 coins Strawberry Seed 
File:Strawberry seed.png
18 coins
6 coins Watermelon Seed
File:Watermelon seed.png
56 coins
3 coins Marigold Seed
File:Marigold seed 5.png
2 coins
2 coins Rosemary Seed
File:Rosemary seed 5.png
4 coins
Watering Can (8)
File:Watering can.png
1 coin Barley Seed
File:Barley seed 5.png
2 coins
5 coins Jute Seed 
File:Jute seed 5.png
5 coins
Gardening Trowel
File:Gardening trowel.png
12 coins Hammerstone Seed 
File:Hammerstone seed 5.png
2 coins
Potato Seed
File:Potato seed 5.png
2 coins Asgarnian Seed 
File:Asgarnian seed 5.png
3 coins
Onion Seed
File:Onion seed 5.png
3 coins Yanillian Seed 
File:Yanillian seed.png
6 coins
Cabbage Seed
File:Cabbage seed.png
3 coins Krandorian Seed 
File:Krandorian seed 5.png
8 coins
Tomato Seed
File:Tomato seed.png
4 coins Wildblood Seed 
File:Wildblood seed.png
14 coins
Sweetcorn Seed
File:Sweetcorn seed.png
8 coins