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Members Area? No
Amount of Banks 0
Amount of Altars 1
Points of Interest Prayer, Smithing
Accessibility City teleports

Entrana can be accessed by going to the "City Teleports" option in your spellbook. The teleport will be located on page three of the City Teleports option. Entrana is used for the quest "Lost City". 

Points of Interests

Entrana has a bunch of things on the island. It has a working Prayer altar that you can use bones on, but it is not reccomended for training. The Shooting Star will land on the island to the north west of the teleport spot randomly, (of course after it gets depleted else-where). Entrana has a working furnace just north of the teleport spot. Entrana would make a neat skilling Island, but it lacks a bank. 

Entrana and Lost City

Entrana has one of the most important quests in SoulSplit on the island. Entrana gives you access to the Dramen Tree, which (after you kill the tree spirit) allows you to chop some limbs off of it and make a Dramen Staff. In order to find this tree, you must follow the path to the right side of the teleport spot. Then when you get to the north side of the island, simply run west.