Dragon Claws
AKA? Claws, Drag claws, D claws
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Stackable? No
Credit Price? 10,000
Examine text It's a Dragon claws

Dragon Claws, referred to as Claws or D Claws, are a very strong Melee weapon. Dragon Claws are well known for their Special Attack "slice and dice", which can cause a large amount of damage very quickly. The Special Attack uses 50% of the Special Attack bar, and does 4 hits in one special. 

Note: Dragon Claws require the Weapon and the Shield Slot to wield, leaving you with a lower Defence bonus. It is recommended that you wait until your opponent is at low health, then use the Dragon Claws special attack.
Combat Stats
Class Slot
Melee Two-handed slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +42 +13
Slash +58 +26
Crush -4 +7
Magic - -
Range - -
Special bonuses
Strength +57
Prayer -
A player wielding dragon claws

Application and Uses

Dragon Claws are considered one of the best Special Attack weapons, and therefore are used by many PK'ers in single-way and multi-way combat for quick KO's. They are also used in PvM because the Special Attack often kills monsters quickly. Many Players like to use Dragon Claws to show off their wealth in-game, as the price for them are quite high. The price can fluctuate a lot, "So if you need a pair of dragon claws I'd suggest going to ::market in-game and looking around to see how much people are selling dragon claws for."

Dragon Claws are obtained as a rare drop from Tormented Demons (Rare), from the Soulsplit Shop for 10,000 Credits, or by buying them from other players.


  • Dragon Claws are one of many items that are used to stake with instead of cash.
  • File:Combat special dragon claws.gif
    Mainly used for finishing off a player, but be without a shield; but the speed is incredibly fast, and usually will hit well. They use 50% of the Special Attack bar, meaning 8 hits are inflicted on your opponent when using the full 100% of the special bar.
  • The Dragon Claws' Special Attack is often referred to as 'Slice 'n' Dice'.
  • It is a popular choice of weapon amongst PK'ers that prefer 'rushing', as the rapid Special Attacks catch the target off guard.
  • Before a recent update it was also possible to buy Dragon Claws from Mandrith (the Wilderness rewards shop). But this option is removed to regulate the inflow of Dragon Claws in the game.