Demonic Sigil
File:Demonic sigil.png
AKA? Sigil
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? No
Stackable? No
Credit Price? 9,999
Examine text A sigil used for the summoning of the demon Agrith-Naar.

The Demonic sigil is used to travel to the well known Tormented demon's Lair. The Demonic sigil is only obtainable via the Soulsplit point store, from opening a Mystery box or by purchasing it from the Soulsplit Shop for 9,999 CR.

Within the Tormented Demon's Lair, there are a three of Tormented demons. These Tormented demons drop the powerful Dragon claws, which are desired by many players.


  • The demonic sigil is commonly used to teleport to the tormented demons lair in which three Tormented demons are located.
  • The demonic sigil can be used instead of teleport tabs to get out of a tricky situation while PvM'ing (Player vs Monster), the sigil is rarely used in PvP.


  • The demonic sigil can be obtained from Pest Control for 500 SSP (Soul-Split points).
  • The Demonic sigil can be obtained from opening a mystery box classified as an "uncommon" reward.
  • One can purchase the Demonic sigil from the credit shop, with the price of 9,999 CR.


  • The demonic sigil stopped working at one point due to a bug; the message still appeared but the player did not teleport. This was later patched.
  • The demonic sigil has the same colors as Void knight armour.