Hello, today i will showing a crafting guide for 1-99

  • First of all teleport to north neiznot either via spellbook or spirit graahk.
  • Spell book(can only be done via normal spellbook)


  • Then click "Neitiznot South"


  • Or Via spirit graahk

Click on the special moove in summoning tab.


Then click on "neititznot"


  • Either way you will arrive here, once you do walk north up to bob



And Buy a chisel(marked blue, the marked Black items are uncut sapphires,emeralds,rubys,diamonds and dragonstones[will explain later]


Below is a table explaining the xp rates of cutting jems on different game modes

Sir Lord Legend Extreme
Gem Level Price Cut gem Cut gem Cut gem Cut gem
Sapphire 1 25 gp 12,50 xp 1,250 xp 125 xp 25 xp
Emerald 27 50 gp 17,500 xp 1,750 xp 175 xp 35 xp
Ruby 34 100 gp 27,500 xp 2,750 xp 275 xp 55 xp
Diamond 43 200 gp 32,500 xp 3,250 xp 325 xp 65 xp
Dragonstone 55 1,000 gp 40,000 xp 4,000 xp 400 xp 80 xp
Onyx 67 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

So from 1-27 do sapphires, 27-34 emeralds,34-43 rubys, 43-55 diamonds and 55-99 dragonstones, becuase onyx's cost alot thus, it is near impossible to get 99 with them.

Here is the location were you will be cutting the gems+inventory setup(location=south ardy bank walls)

  • Location:


  • Inventory setup: