The Crafting Guild is located south-west of Falador and north of Rimmington. It requires 40 crafting to get in but the door is bugged at the moment, so you can't get in. This is where the most elite crafters would usually train.

What to find at the guild

  • 7 gold ore rocks, 6 clay rocks, and 6 silver ore rocks in the Crafting Guild Mine. 
  • A fenced area containing cows, this area doesn't need 40 Crafting to access, which means that any player can fight the cows. Players that do have 40 Crafting can bring the cow hides to the hide-tanner upstairs in the guild. 
  • A pottery oven,4 Potter's wheels, and a Spinning Wheel upstairs on the second floor.

Cool fact

  • Shooting stars used to land in the Crafting Guild Mine, but due to the bug with the doors and what-not, they were moved just right outside of the guild's doorstep. 
  • Due to the recent Shooting star update on 10/11/2014, shooting Stars no longer lands near Crafting Guild.