There are an amazing number of ideas for Christmas nails online.  Just do a Google search for "Christmas Nails".  Or try Pintrest or Tumblr.

You can try any technique to get your perfect nails, from stamping and decals to nail pens and the most artistic of brushwork

Not all of that is in reach for all of us (I could never duplicate some of the most artistic brushwork) there's something that everyone can do among all the possibilities.

So I picked 20 of my favorite simple designs to try and duplicate.  That's a full wheel of ideas and inspirational graphical designs.

You don't need to be an artist to do these, but if you want something even similar, it's all about color.  Picking the colors of Christmas can give you the same Chrstimassy look, with a lot less work.  I've combined some inspirational images with some color choices from my own collection.  See the "Artless nails" section for more

I found a lot of wonderful snowflake designs, so I've shared some of those in a section focusing on designs using these wonders of nature.  I think many of them use transfers, but it could just be the artistic skills of the painter shining out.  Either way, it's a beautiful theme for any Winter's day.

And finally, I've picked some designs that were definite rejects for the "simple designs" section.  But they certainty aren't rejects in any other sense.  these are the most beautiful, intricate, and advanced designs, created by skilled nail artists that I don't even hope to emulate.  So very inspirational!

The Wheel

I chose 20 designs for my wheel, all of which looked simple to do, but effective.  The source images are in the gallery below and use a variety of techniques including tape, pens, layering polish and adding jewels.

Art-less nails

You don't have to have a picture on your nails to look Christmassy. You can get the same seasonal effect just by choosing your colors carefully. The next gallery shows some of my own polishes and ideas from around the blogosphere.

Focus on Snowflakes

Snowflakes are one of my favorites for Christmas nails. They look amazing, and say "Christmas" even if, like me, you live in snow-less San Francisco. But I find them hard to do effectively, unless I'm using a transfer or wraps. So here are some examples to give a bit of inspiration and an idea of what's possible with these tiny but fascinating blobs of water.

Advanced Art

And finally, some of the many beautiful designs that were beyond my capabilities to duplicate.  The artists creating these have used their tiny canvases to make something truly unique