Charms are used to train the Summoning skill. They are commonly dropped by most of the NPC's in Soulsplit. They can also be obtained by buying them with Credits from the Soulsplit Shop. To train Summoning, teleport to Lunar Isles or Neitiznot South and use each charm on the Obelisk. 


You can obtain charms from the majority of monsters across Soulsplit. You can also get them from Skilling reward tokens via ::vote, or from mystery boxes. Alternatively you can purchase charms from the shop . However, only certain types of charms are accessible in this way. Prices below:

Charm Price Image
Crimson Charms (x2,500) 4,999 credits
Gold Charms (x2,500) 5,999 credits
Green charms (x2,500) 6,999 credits
Blue Charms (x2,500) 7,999 credits


To train Summoning, one must use the charms on a Summoning obelisk. The amount of Summoning experience depends on the game mode (Sir, Lord, Legend, Extreme) you are currently on.

To locate Summoning obelisks, click here.

XP Table

Charm type Sir Lord Legend Extreme
Gold charm 60,000 6,000 600 120
Green charm 90,000 9,000 900 180
Abyssal Charm 100,000 10,000 1,000 200
Crimson charm 115,000 11,500 1,150 230
Talon Beast charm 130,000 13,000 1,300 260
Obsidian Charm 150,000 15,000 1,500 300
Blue charm 200,000 20,000 2,000 400

Due to store credit prices not having been adjusted in parallel with the current XP rates of charms, one may evaluate the XP per Credit variation and identify which are the most cost-efficient charms to purchase from the Soulsplit Shop. Here's a guide for the latter:

XP per Credit

The experience rates evaluated below cater to the potential XP for Extreme mode; however, charm cost-efficiency is the focal point:

  • Gold charm (x2,500) purchase: 50.00 XP per 1 Credit spent
  • Green charm (x2,500) purchase: 64.29 XP per 1 Credit spent
  • Crimson charm (x2,500) purchase: 115.02 XP per 1 Credit spent
  • Blue charm (x2,500) purchase: 125.01 XP per 1 Credit spent

As analyzed above, for players showing interest in purchasing charms from the Credit shop, Blue charms provide the best cost-efficiency compared to the Gold, Green and Crimson charms also purchasable from the Credit shop.


  • When the Summoning skill first was brought in the game it allowed people to massively duplicate charms and a total of 5 billion experience was introduced to the game.
  • Charms are dropped by the vast majority of Soulsplit monsters, however the type of charm you obtain as a drop can vary, along with certain high-level monsters and bosses dropping multiple charms at a time.
  • It is tested that Abyssal Charms are dropped by Abyssal Creatures in the Abyss accessed by using the "Teleport" option at the Zamorak Wizard in wilderness.
  • Obsidian charms can be obtained exclusively from the monsters in Tzhaar caves, under the Minigame teleports tab.
  • Talon Beast charms are dropped exclusively by the Nail Beast, in the Taverley dungeon resource dungeon