Cape of Accomplishments (usually known as a "Skillcape") is a special cape used to display your mastery in that skill (level 99).

How to Obtain

To earn a Skillcape, you will first need to reach level 99 in any trainable skill. You will need to gain over 13 million EXP (approximately 13,034,431) experience to achieve at least Level 99.

It is possible to earn a Skillcape in Dungeoneering. However, there is also a Dungeoneering Master Cape, which is only available to players with a Dungeoneering level of 120. This requires 99000 GP (approximately 104,273,166) experience.

The only unavailable Skillcape in Soulsplit is the Construction Cape, as the skill has not yet been added to SoulSplit.

Skillcapes can be purchased from the Wise Old Man for 99,999 Coins near the Lumbridge Furnace, and above the Falador Market. 

You will also receive a Hood, which will correspond to the Cape you have bought. These Hoods do not cost anything, and will be included with your purchase of a Skillcape.

Max Cape

After achieving level 99 in all skills, you unlock the ability to obtain a Max Cape from Prince Brand. People also will respect you if you obtain this cape, seeing as it is prestigious mainly on the Game Modes Legend and Extreme. It also gives decent stats (post image and Infobox here).

Completionist Cape

After mastering all of your skills (including Level 120 in Dungeoneering and 500 Player Kills), you will be able to buy a Completionist Cape for a certain price depending on your Game Mode. It costs 1.5B (1,500,000,000) Coins for Sir accounts, 1.2B (1,200,000,000) Coins for Knight accounts, 750M (750,000,000) for Lord accounts, 300M (300,000,000) for Legend accounts and 100M (100,000,000) for Extreme accounts 50M(50,000,000).

The Completionist Cape can be picked up after death. It is the strongest and most protective cape in SoulSplit.


  • When obtaining your very first level 99 Skill, you unlock the ability to purchase an untrimmed Skillcape. If you obtain another 99 Level Skill, you unlock the ability to purchase the trimmed version of your untrimmed one, as well as your second Skillcape.
  • There are two Skillcapes for Dungeoneering - one for level 99 and one for level 120.

Gallery of Skillcapes

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